We have consolidated to carry on business and to act as  Merchants ,traders, indenters, commission agents, shipping agents, clearing and forwarding agents, distributors ,stockiest   and sale of any product of any foreign company in Bangladesh or elsewhere. To carry on the business of export and import of all  permission able items commercial industrial, indenters, suppliers, buying and selling agents wholesale and retail distributors of all and every kind of general products, goods, substance and materials. To send for the interest of the company any of the directors/members or any of the employees abroad for training or appoint for such purpose on contract any foreign technician with the approval of the government of Bangladesh.


To establish any permissible industry in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world with joint collaboration of foreign investors to avail local technical and if necessary foreign technical assistance as well as foreign technical collaboration and capital investment as and when such collaboration and investment is approved by the competent authority.


A.B.M. Azizul Hauq

-Managing Director